Are you an Independent?

While door-knocking to get to know my neighbors in Precinct #2, I have met a number of Independents. Most of you are MORE PROGRESSIVE than Democrats. In Pennsylvania, we still have closed primaries, which means you have to register as a Republican or a Democrat to vote in them. I urge Independents to register as Democrats to vote in the primary, but also to fight to open primaries so EVERYONE can help choose our candidates from the very beginning.  There is a huge fight within the Democratic Party right now about how progressive it will be, and you can be part of that.

Who are Independents?

(Before Democrats get all happy about their 32% to the GOP’s 23%, let me tell you that all 23% of those GOP voters actually show up, while many of the Dem 32% STAY HOME. Dems, don’t do that. Show up every time, peoples, and we can win!)

What it means to be Independent

Problems of being Independent

What everybody gets wrong about Independent Voters