Where to Vote

Emmaus Precinct 2 is bounded by 5th Street on the South, Harrison on the West, State and East Main on the North, and Chestnut and Main Streets on the East.

We vote at the 333 Ridge Building, in the small annex off 4th Street. There’s parking all along 4th Street. There is a long accessibility ramp for mobility impaired people and wheelchairs. If you park on Ridge, you can access the start of the ramp at the corner of Ridge and 4th. I think this polling place is just about the prettiest one in the whole Lehigh Valley! (A strange note, that you will see if you read the post about our precincts, is that just north of our polling place is the St. John’s church, where Precinct #3 votes. I’d really like to hear how this came about.)

Another view for you:

If you live in Emmaus, but don’t seem to be in Precinct #2, check out this link to find out for sure where your polling place is. Below is a map of all the precincts in Emmaus, drawn by yours truly. Note that you should be able to contact one of the PCPs in each precinct for more information, and I’ll get you contacts when I have them. Feel free to email me at grundpup@gmail.com in the meantime.