What are our Local Districts?

Emmaus #2 is in PA House District 131 (Andy Lee) and PA Senate District 18 (Lisa Boscola). However, most areas around us are other districts, so if you ask your neighbor up the street, they may be in another district!

In the races for PA General Assembly, why are things such a mess? Even though the Federal Congressional Districts for U.S. House are straightened out, within Pennsylvania it’s another story. Recently there was an attempt by FairDistrictsPA to fix this, but due to Republicans adding an amendment that made things worse, it failed. Read more about this here.

Herewith our local districts for electing our Harrisburg officials –

Pretty wierd, no? Click on the image to see it bigger. Go to www.redistricting.state.pa.us/Maps/House.cfm to view the underlying data, zoom into your street, etc.

This one makes *some* sense, but why o why do they take Emmaus out of the Lehigh Valley and put it in with Bethlehem? And there’s another District, #40, over Bethlehem that for some reason I haven’t included. Ask me and I’ll put it in. Again, click to see the full size image, go to www.redistricting.state.pa.us/Maps/Senate.cfm to view the underlying data, zoom into your street, etc.