The Blue Tsunami?

Ok, was there a Blue Wave or wasn’t there? I compared 2018 with 2010 and got this:

2010 – GOP won 63 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate; 82.5 million people voted.

2018 – Dems won 40 seats in the House and lost one in the Senate (1 race remains uncalled); 110+ million people voted.

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Watch an episode of The Beat with Ari Melber “See why U.S. voters overwhelmingly opposed Trump from 2016-2019.”

Popular Vote Spread

Totals show a 9 million difference like so:

Democrats: 59,525,244 (53.2% of total popular vote)

Republicans: 50,516,570 (45.1%)

This margin of 8.5% spread is LARGER than any other recent midterm election, including 2010.

The reason Dems didn’t get more House seats = GERRYMANDERING.

What do you think? Are we getting somewhere on bending the arc of justice or are we just passing the ball back and forth?

I think, yes, there was a BLUE TSUNAMI.

Here’s a map of the US. Most of the time we think of America as mostly Republican, especially in the middle. But this map takes into account the proportional aspect of the U.S. House, showing where we (hopefully) truly are.