Trump’s Dirty Deeds

Authored by David Clark, Congressional Candidate for District 7 in the 2018 Democratic Primary.

1. Denies Russia interfered in the 2016 election and nearly everyone in his campaign are indicted for lying about contacts with Russians.
2. Willing to pardon anyone who does not implicate him in anything.
3. Asking for loyalty from departments that are to be independent from the presidency.
4. Using the office to denigrate the other party calling democrats criminals and anti-semites.
5. Threatens the free press.
6. Refuses to cooperate with investigations.
7. Holds private meetings with leaders of foreign countries to whom he is implicated of being in debt.
8. Believes dictators when they say they did not kill opponents because they strongly deny it.
9. Gives massive tax cuts to billionaires and corporations when the budget is unbalanced and the economy does not call for it, leaving no money for infrastructure or disasters.
10. Does not prepare for summits with foreign leaders on important issues.
11. Does not want to listen to intelligence briefings.
12. Gives top secret clearances to his daughter and husband against the background checks that find serious problems as well as 22 other people denied security clearances.
13. Allows Kushner to meet in private with the crown prince when he is suspected of being compromised by Saudi Arabia.
14. Denigrates a father who lost a son fighting for this country because he is Muslim.
15. Defends white supremacy in this country and denigrates minorities.
16. Refuses disaster aid to Puerto Rico because they don’t pay enough taxes resulting in 2000 deaths.
17. Declares a partisan national emergency at the border when illegal crossings are at a decade’s long low just to go around congress.
18. Ignores natural disasters in states that did not vote for him.
19. Is the most immoral president ever with massive pay offs to keep hookers quiet and lies about it. (I remember a president impeached by the house on this one issue alone)
20. Blatantly violates the emolument clause of the constitution to use the office to profit at Mar-a-Lago, his hotels and resorts and to get patents from China.
21. Said over 3000 blatant lies and 3000 exaggerations.
22. Weakened NATO.
23. Doesn’t listen to military advisors, says he wants our troops out of Syria because ISIS is defeated and learned they weren’t defeated and kept them in.
24. Told the American people he has no financial dealings with Russia and we find out he did with a tower proposal that was still being discussed when he was elected.
25. Unjustly denigrated every past president only for the purpose to elevate himself. None wants to visit him.
26. Not filling ambassadorships at the request of the Koch brothers.
27. Refuses to be interviewed by Robert Mueller because he lies too much.
28. Obstructed the Russian interference investigation on multiple counts.
29. On his own acknowledges Jerusalem the capital of Israel and 61 Palestinians die protesting.
30. Puts Chad on the no fly list so they stopped providing military intelligence resulting in 4 Americans walking into a trap and losing their lives.
31. Bans a complete religion until the courts woke him up.
32. Asks Russia to pour over our border and hack the DNC and an Americans computer.
33. After law enforcement raid and arrest 200 people at a massage parlor the president sits with the madam to watch the super bowl.
34. Trump threatens and calls for violence against democrats who oppose him.
35. Inspires white supremacists, home and abroad, to murder innocent people.
36. Took away the independence of the Department of Justice and made it an arm of the president.
37. Tells border agents to break the law and he will pardon them.
38. Unconstitutionally denies congress its oversight role by refusing all requests for information.
39. Calls anyone investigating him treasonists and should be executed.
40. Blatantly violates election laws to accept dirt on campaign opponents.
41. Does not care if members of his staff violate the Hatch amendment.
42. Attempts to release illegal aliens in democratic cities as a get back for resisting his immigration policy.