Democratic Candidates

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The General Election takes place on Tuesday, Nov. 5th!

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Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge

The Superior Court of Pennsylvania is one of two Pennsylvania intermediate appellate courts, the other being the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. Appeal to the Superior Court is generally of right from final decisions of the Court of Common Pleas. (wikipedia)

Lehigh County Commissioner-at-Large

The Board of Commissioners is the legislative branch of County government and has the following responsibilities: Enact, amend or repeal ordinances, resolutions, and motions; make appropriations; incur indebtedness; adopt the budget; levy taxes, assessments and service charges; and adopt the Administrative Code and the Personnel Code. (

Lehigh County Offices


The County Controller audits count expenditures and works with county officials to safeguard public funds.

The County Coroner’s office investigates the cause of death, and determine the manner of death, of persons who die within the boundaries of Lehigh County.

The Clerk of Judicial Records supervises the following offices: Civil, Criminal, Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds.

Emmaus Borough Council

The primary duties of Borough Council include adoption of the annual budget, the establishment of policies for the conduct of Borough affairs, the enactment of ordinances and resolutions for the protection of the public’s safety and welfare, and approval of contracts and bids.

East Penn School District

The school board drafts policies for the operation of the local schools, employs the Superintendent, authorizes appointments of teachers and staff upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, determines educational standards and goals, secures money for school operational needs, and interprets the educational program and needs to the community. (